Exchange Detail

  • You can exchange any item on the list below for any item on our site. You do not need to exchange boots for boots. You could exchange trainers for boots, or t-shirts for shin pads. It's up to you
  • Footwear item(s) must be in good clean condition (no rips, holes or tears) and must be complete, laces, inner soles, studs and must have plenty of tread/depth.
  • Clothes must have no stains, marks or other blemishes. A small amount of bobbling or small catches is acceptable. If in doubt contact us.
  • Your item(s) must fit one of the categories below and to must adhere to ant size/make restrictions when adding your items.
  • We do not accept any item(s) that have been personalised.
  • Any exchange item(s) you send us is not returnable to you, due to the nature of our service.
  • Exchange orders are only despatched on receipt and checking of your item(s).
  • reserves the right to refuse any item(s) you send us due to it not meeting the criteria set out above (including unclean) and you may need to pay extra to received your order.
  • We can not accept any responsibility for the items you send to us. We would recommend using a tracked service.
  • Prices paid for items are set out below. If it isn't on the list we do not accept it for exchange.
  • You can send as many items as you like but we will only discount you up to 50% of your order.
  • Returning customers will be required to exchange itms to carry on using our service.

Please use our exchange checker to see if your item would be accepted